Although I’m originally from the Boston area I’ve made my home on beautiful Bowen Island off the coast of Vancouver, BC since 1998, and have been fortunate to pursue my twin passions of music and art over the years. I’ve performed in numerous pubs, coffee houses, and other venues, and have been a full time illustrator since the Dawn of Time.

Please browse my work, check out my music, and feel free to contact me with questions, projects, inspiration, and odd quotes.

Thank you!


  1. Hello Bob. I`m a photographer of all things Morris, living in England. At Upton last month a few of your side posed for me and I promised some prints, which I`ve done. Could you please give me a snailmail address and I will post them to you, gratis. Hope you enjoyed Holmfirth and the rest of your trip.Should you wish, you can see the sort of thing I do on flickr – my user name is boimig. I`m afraid I don`t do facebook or twitter. Many thanks.


    1. Hi Mark, I want to thank you for the marvellous photos – truly stunning! I’ll let you know if The Sheep get back to the UK, although I’m afraid it might be quite some time. Many, many thanks!


  2. Hi Mark, I’ve enjoyed your site on Flickr; thanks for getting in touch with me! We had a wonderful time in the UK, and I’m hoping to set up a small solo tour next year (hence the link to my CD).
    My address is: PO Box 75, Bowen Island, BC V0N1G0, Canada. Please let me know if you see this, since this site is new to me and I’m just figuring out some of the ins and outs. Thanks again! Bob


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