The Land that Time Forgot

Although I’m originally from the Boston area I’ve made my home on beautiful Bowen Island off the coast of Vancouver, BC since 1998, and have been fortunate to pursue my twin passions of music and art over the years.

Musically, I’ve played at pubs and other venues in Canada, the US, and the UK, and perform songs from diverse, sometimes odd sources, primarily in the Americana/Roots tradition, and am excited to announce a new CD hot off the presses: “Lost in the Mists of Time”! I also play mandolin in a local bluegrass band, The Lawn Dogs, who also have a CD in the works. Stay tuned!

I founded a Border Morris Dance side on Bowen in 2001, The Black Sheep, (http://bowenblacksheep.ca) and we recently completed our second fantastic trip to the UK, performing at festivals in Upton upon Severn and Holmfirth, as well as making an exhaustive tour of fine pubs throughout the region.

Artistically, after working in design shops in Massachusetts for a number of years, I opened my own studio, illustrating well over 50 books, again in Canada, the US, and the UK, in traditional and digital media, and editorial and advertising pieces as well.

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  1. Hi Bob, Looking to contact you and see if you’d be interested in teaching 2 teenage lads on Bowen the Yuke.
    My number is 7787884532, thanks await your call.
    Julie Hadrill


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