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Artistically, after working in design shops in Massachusetts for a number of years, I opened my own studio, illustrating well over 50 books, again in Canada, the US, and the UK, in traditional and digital media, and editorial and advertising pieces as well.



  1. Hello Bob,

    I am an ardent supporter of the Princeton Traditional Music Festival and like thousands (now) love your logo developed for the PTMF. Jon Bartlett gave me the information on the creator. I just want to express my admiration for your work. I love the fell of it, including the pulp science fiction sensibility expressed in many of your illustrations – like a trip back to my youth cultivating brain rot by reading Thrilling Wonder Stories, Amazing Stories etc.. There is a Metropolis feel to it.

    Thanks again. The next time I am on Bowen I am going to try to find you.

    Bill Day


    1. Thanks so much, Bill! I was sorry to miss the last couple of Princeton festivals, and hope to return next year. You’ve picked up on many of my influences, by the way!

      Let me know if you’re ever on Bowen; also, I send out a music email once or twice a month with local concert info – let me know if you’d like to be added.




  2. Thanks for the response Bob.

    I am on Bowen from time to time and will indeed contact you in the hope that we can meet.

    Best regards and thanks again….



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